At Pathaway we provide specialist consultancy and facilitation services for finding solutions in the UK IVD and medical device market.

We have combined some 70 years’ experience of managing, and collaborating across the NHS, Private Sector, commercial laboratories and clinical research organisations. In all areas, we have encountered the need for innovative solutions to the new challenges clients are facing today.

Our unique Pathology test sourcing service was formed due to identifying the importance of selecting the correct referral partners. With the budgetary constraints on pathology departments, particularly in the public sector, finding cost effective services has become a major priority.

Our vision is to become the platform from which analytical referral services can be sourced, creating a simple process which allows you to confidently compare services. find out more…

The Gateway consultancy offers services integral to organisations exploring the potential of introducing IVD or medical device product in to the UK. With our extensive experience of introducing new innovative markers we can facilitate everything from pre-market evaluations, right through to post market surveillance studies, whilst offering a client-centred approach that delivers on strategic and commercial goals. find out more…

Pathaway is also an independent UK distributor for IVD diagnostic products. This is an area where we have extensive experience of introducing new innovative products to the UK market. We believe that new innovative markers are integral to improving patient outcomes, and are committed to sourcing new and promising markers from across the globe.